The Radiance Ring Mini, is an LED ring light designed to capture beauty on camera, and create stunning photos and videos.  Slightly smaller than our Pro model, this 30cm single light solution is all you need to get amazing results, without the bulk and expense of a full studio set-up.  The light provides all-around illumination, which means shadows are virtually eliminated, giving the skin an even, youthful glow, and almost completely eliminating visible  blemishes.  The light also creates stunning round shaped “halo” reflections in the eyes, for a strong sense of vibrancy and life.  To find out why using a Radiance Ring light is the best way to achieve the glamorous look, please check out our homepage.

The compact size of the Radiance Ring Mini makes it ideal for travelling with, and makes it easy to fit in a small suitcase.  It also works nicely on a dresser/vanity table without taking up too much space.  The Mini still outputs around 75% of the brightness of the larger Pro model.  This is thanks to LED technology, making its 42w output equivalent to approximately 420w of light as produced by a standard household filament light bulb.   

The inner diameter of the Mini is around 22cm, making it ideal for mounting smaller cameras and mobile phones.  Simply attach the included mini-tripod head which screws into any standard camera.  If you prefer to use a mobile phone camera instead, simply use the included mobile adaptor, which is designed to make you phone line up perfectly with the slot in the attachable mirror, this is also included in the box.  This mirror can be used to apply make-up (with the benefit of perfectly even illumination) and also helps frame selfies.  The kit is supplied with a compact but sturdy base, so the light can be placed on a table-top.   If you prefer to use the light with a floor stand, these are also available from us (sold separately).

Included in the Radiance Ring Mini box:

  • Compact 30cm ring light
  • Clear frosted diffuser set (to soften the light)
  • Mains power adaptor
  • Carry case
  • Mini tripod head
  • Mobile phone adaptor
  • Detachable make-up mirror
  • Desktop base

All Radiance Ring models are supplied with a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.  For more details about the warranty, please see our about page.    

Check out pictures taken with Radiance Ring lights in our gallery.

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