Get stunning, glamourous photos and videos, using this large 46cm LED ring light!  The Radiance Ring Pro is a single light solution designed for beauty professionals, bloggers, youtubers, and photographers, but It’s also great for using to evenly apply make up and get sensational selfies.  The all-around illumination makes skin look gorgeous, and balances out shadows, creating an beautiful, flawless, youthful appearance.  It also produces wonderful circular “halo” eye reflections.  For more info about how using our ring lights will enhance your photos and videos, please see our homepage.  

The larger size of our professional model, provides the best possible distance range, and the highest light output.  Because our lights use LED technology, they offer around 10 times the output of standard filament household light bulbs.  The Radiance Ring Pro is 55w, making it equivalent in brightness to around 550w of output from a filament bulb.  Having a high output is great for fighting against other light sources in the room, which could overpower a lower output ring light.  Of course, if the light level is too high, the Pro is also fully dimmable.

Mount your camera directly in the centre of the ring light via the included mini-tripod head, or use the included phone adaptor to mount a mobile phone instead.  The diameter of the centre of the ring is around 36cm, making it large enough to hold a mid sized DSLR camera, even with the mirror still in place.

The Radiance Ring Pro is supplied with a heavy weight base, which allows you to place the light on a tabletop or dresser.  If you need the light at higher level, we also supply floor stands (sold separately).  The included mirror can be attached so that you are able to see what the camera sees, and check your selfies are nicely framed!  It’s also great for applying make-up evenly, and can be used with the light in place your usual make-up mirror. 

Included in the Radiance Ring Pro box:

  • Large 46cm ring light
  • Clear frosted diffuser set (to soften the light)
  • Mains power adaptor
  • Carry case
  • Mini tripod head
  • Mobile phone adaptor
  • Detachable make-up mirror
  • Desktop base

All Radiance Ring models are supplied with a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase.  For more details about the warranty, please see our about page.    

Check out pictures taken with Radiance Ring lights in our gallery.

See the full product range in our video.

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